Daniel Brophy makes art from raw feeling, research, and his urban upbringing. Born and raised in New Jersey, U.S.A., the seventh of eight siblings, Brophy grew up going to church and baseball games. His body of work captures the urban landscape, junkyards, alien worlds, small rooms, and the microcosmos of nature.


Daniel Brophy is a visual artist working in the mixed-media form (layering of ink, paint, collage on canvas). He has also worked as an art installer at various museums, including Newark Museum, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, Index Art Center, and The Arts Guild New Jersey. He received a BA in Art History and BFA in Studio Art at Kean University. He has had twelve solo exhibitions and nearly twenty group exhibitions since 2005, ranging from themes such as “Father and Son” to “Attic Prophets” to the “Thermofax Time Machine” to “7th Inning Stretch.” More recently, his mid-career work explores the history of board games, ancient myths, and the on-going urban landscape. He has exhibited at Danish galleries such as Jule Verland, Æglageret (The Egg House gallery), and his own studio, where he hosts several exhibitions per year. His most recent events include several art fairs and expos in Denmark. His work has been shown in Denmark, Poland, Florida, New Jersey, and New York City. Before moving to Denmark six years ago, Brophy worked and lived in Newark, NJ and was part of Newark’s contemporary art scene, particularly at the Index Art Center. He currently lives in Holbæk, Denmark with his wife Anna and their twin daughters, Ada and Thora.